GAAP Executive Search services include executive search, executive assessment and talent mapping.

What four words best describe GAAP Executive Search?

We are strategic, agile, resourceful, and results-oriented. Technically, that’s five words. OK, four words: we’re strategic, agile, resourceful and unrelenting.

What is GAAP determined to do?

Deliver exceptional value to our clients.

How does GAAP define success?

Our success is defined by the success of the executives we recruit, by their contributions, and ultimately by the triumphs and fortunes of the organizations that hired them.

What is GAAP’s competitive edge?

Our focus on financial executive recruitment. We have an extensive network and deep connections in the financial executive community. This enables us to quickly and effectively identify, assess and deliver transformational, high-impact executives to our clients.

What is GAAP’s differentiator?

As a boutique firm, we are agile and entrepreneurial. We are particularly skilled at understanding the dynamics of our clients’ commercial, technological, and cultural environments, and translating that into the delivery of requisite leadership talent. We listen thoughtfully, react quickly and provide knowledgeable insights and sound advice. Our clients benefit from our strategic approach to helping them to acquire the game-changing talent they require to position their organizations for success.

What is notable about GAAP Executive Search?

We have a sense of urgency. Our clients value timely results. So do we.