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Why Engage GAAP™ Financal Recruitment Firm?

The Four Pillars of GAAP's Value Package

GAAP™ Executive Search is a team of financial executive recruitment professionals whose expertise is recruiting C-suite and senior-level executives.

Founded in 1972 and still privately owned, GAAP™ has more than fifty years of collective experience recruiting financal executives for client companies across Canada and the United States.

Executive Search Specialization
Recruiting finance executives & finance employees for more
than 35 years
Executive Search Predefined Performance Objetives
Get It Right
We align our assessment strategies with hiring pre-defined performance objectives
Retention of Key Executives
Keep It Right
Retention of key
executives is an
essential element in a successful business
Executive Search Fee Structure
Fee Structure
We ensure that an
executive who is hired through our
intermediary succeeds

Specialization: Financal Recruitment, CFO Search

You will find that many search firms promote their industry expertise. In fact, most of the large, international search firms operate around industry practice groups. GAAP™, on the other hand, recruits in all industries, and our clients operate in all industries. Our expertise is functional, namely financal recruitment. In fact, our name -GAAP™- derives from the acronym that finance executives know as well as their own name: Generally Accepted Accounting Principles.

The Partners at GAAP™ have been recruiting financal executives and senior financal department employees for more than 35 years. This focus on one segment of the executive community allows us to respond to our clients' needs with dispatch and deliver better results, faster.

When we are engaged to execute a CFO search, we do not have to develop a database or gear-up from scratch. Our already well-established database and network of CFOs and financal executives is vast and dynamic. We know who the top performers are, and they know GAAP™. We know how to recruit and assess CFOs, we know what motivates them, and we know how to acquire them for our clients.

We have worked with myriad finance executives over the years, some as candidates, some as clients, many as both. They know that we operate with candor, professionalism, and most importantly, with discretion. Quite simply, CFOs and finance executives take our call. They trust us.

Get It Right

Our recruitment strategy is reflected in our maxim:
Get it Right and Keep it Right.

Get It Right centers on performance objectives.

We align our search and assessment strategies and methodologies with the pre-defined performance objectives and expectations for the executive who will be hired.

This involves exhaustive search and research; conducting in-depth performance-oriented assessments that scrutinize accomplishments and results; supported by thorough reference checks and verification.

In fact, we will only commit to a search mandate when we are confident that we can deliver against the performance objectives that have been established. And when we commit, we are unrelenting, exhaustive, aggressive, professional and discreet in our pursuit of top performers.

The key to a successful hiring is defining superior performance before you hire.

Keep It Right

What is the point of getting it right, if you don't keep it right?

Everyone knows that employee retention is an essential element in a successful business.

However, 30% to 40% of newly hired executives either quit, under-perform significantly or are fired within their first two years of employment.

The cost of replacing key personnel has been estimated at between 70% and 200% of salary. One well-known industrial psychologist rates the cost of a mis-hire at 27 times salary in terms of opportunity cost.

The turmoil generated by a mismatch in a key role, followed by the disruption of recruiting a replacement, can sabotage your day-to-day operations and jeopardize your critical projects and timelines.

And yet most organizations do not have an institutionalized program to support the people they hire; they are left to sink or swim on their own.

GAAP's recurring Retention Regimen addresses this problem by proactively facilitating the onboarding, integration and long-term retention of newly-hired executives. This assures a long-term, productive relationship between the executive and the organization.

Fee Structure

Our objective is to ensure that an executive who is hired through our intermediary succeeds. But we do not believe that we are paid to simply recruit an executive, and we don't define our success by the hiring. Our success is defined by that executive's success, by his or her achievement of performance objectives, which are typically measured for the first time one year after the hiring occurs. We believe that we are paid to ensure that the executive who is hired achieves established performance objectives. The best, and proven, way to do that is to Get it Right and Keep it Right. Our fee structure is based on that outcome. We have skin in the game.