What Makes A Great CFO?

If you ask fifty chief executives “What makes a great CFO?” you will probably find that most CEOs, and board members agree of many if not most of the key attributes of great CFOs. Executives agree that a great CFO isn’t a bean counter. The term is a pejorative and we don’t mean any disrespect to those who count the beans because it is vitally important. But we do agree that great CFOs—even mediocre CEOs—don’t count…


Influence: An Essential Executive Skill

If you look at the skills most executives would consider rot be essential for success, the ability to influence underpins and even enables all of the other skills.

Consider two essential skills: strategic thinking and leadership. A Chief Executive Officer needs to be able to persuade the Board of Directors and the Executive Management Committee of the…


3 Ways To Make Better Decisions — By Thinking Like a Computer

If you ever struggle to make decisions, here’s a talk for you. Cognitive scientist Tom Griffiths shows how we can apply the logic of computers to untangle tricky human problems, sharing three practical strategies for making better decisions — on everything from finding a home to choosing which restaurant to go to tonight.

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