GAAP™ Executive Search is a recruitment firm that specializes in recruiting Chief Financial Officers and senior-level finance executives. Our offices are in Montreal, Québec, Canada.

Indeed, recruiting CFOs is our sweet spot.

Founded in 1972 and still privately owned, GAAP™ is a recruitment firm with more than fifty years of collective experience recruiting finance executives for client companies across the United States and Canada.

GAAP’s recruiting consultants are hands-on and engaged in every facet of the recruiting process, starting with the definition of the position objectives and the elaboration of performance expectations. Our consultants work closely with each client to develop an ideal candidate profile including the requisite competencies, experience, credentials and leadership attributes. Comprehensive candidate assessments, rigorous and proven, are aligned with the performance objectives, as well as cultural and organizational fit.

Our recruitment consultants are results-oriented and performance focused. They are resourceful, entrepreneurial, persistent and inclined to communicate with candor. Ever conscious of the client’s agenda, they have a sense of urgency that ensures timely results. Advanced sourcing and recruitment techniques, combined with deep connections and extensive networks in the relevant candidate communities, allows GAAP™ to secure best-in-class talent for client companies.

GAAP™ provides recurring value with The Retention Regimen™, a program that proactively facilitates the onboarding, integration, long-term employee retention and performance outcomes of the executives that our GAAP™ headhunters recruit and secure for their clients. This added value is considered the firm’s mark of distinction and competitive advantage.